My Formulas

Clarity Formula

I didn’t know my brain could feel that clear. My mind doesn’t wander, the ADHD in me is gone. I’m able to focus on one task at a time. Clarity Formula keeps my thoughts in order. Insights are more obvious and I have more space between thoughts.

Logic Formula

I feel faster mentally. I get more done in less time, without side effects. Logic helps me complete tasks in less time.

Light Hacking

I prioritize light exposure to optimize performance. Every morning I use MindPlace light pulsing meditation goggles.

Genetic Testing

I was blown away from the results of my recent Viome gut microbiome test. Turns out my body doesn’t process fat well. Contrary to popular biohacking advice, I have to say NO to avocados, coconuts, almonds, milk and eggs. I also started removing fish from my diet to avoid heavy metals.

Best Investments

- Oura Ring
- High quality, non-toxic shampoo and conditioner
- Professional blow outs - when my hair looks good, I feel wonderful


2 Full 9 Half Marathons
12 Fitness Certifications
Marching Band World Champion
Traveled to 28 Countries


Write for Forbes
Visit Machu Picchu


Cold Compression HIIT training
NAD Treatments
Molecular Hydrogen Water
Neuropriming Headset

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