My Formulas

Energy Formula

Energy is my saving grace after nights of suboptimal sleep or when I have ultra intense days. It’s comforting to know I have something so effective in my back pocket.

Clarity Formula

Combined with a morning coffee, Clarity makes me feel like a super hero during my two hour morning Crossfit workouts, afternoon trail runs and constant meetings. I notice a steady flow of energy and wonderful conversations the days I take it.


“Chase perfect days” “Don’t look too far into the future” “Invest in yourself”

Morning Routine

I wake up, workout and eat the same breakfast and lunch at the same time every day. I know this specific routine is necessary to get me into flow.

1) Wake up: 6:30am
2) Breakfast: Coffee + Smoothie bowl
3) Crossfit: 9am
4) Lunch: Salad

Best Investments

- Infrared Sauna
- One Wheel electric skateboard


Retired at 34
5x Ironman races
2x Ironman World Championships
Owns 2 restaurants
Owns a gym
Started an Insurance Company


Launch a new company
Monetize my lifestyle
Meet new people every day


Cold exposure
Infrared Sauna
Mountain Biking
Trail running

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