My Formulas

Energy Formula

Energy Formula provides a predictable “pick-me-up” feeling. I get this sense of well being, the cloudy-ness goes away and my eyes open up more.

Logic Formula

Logic makes it easier to piece together puzzles and software architecture that is normally quite complex. The days I take Logic I’m a better problem solver and I’m thinking more clearly.

Keeping It Simple

I wear the same clothes and eat the same meals every day. I put on the same pair of American Eagle flex fit jeans each morning, and one of five oxford shirts that I rotate through (so people at work don’t judge).


After years of research and self experimentation, I’ve arrived an optimal morning supplement regimen: FORMULA for Energy (Caffeine Free), CBD, Magnesium, Fat Burner, Krill Oil, Curcumin


I use a heavy compound movement regimen working towards muscle fatigue.
I do 4-5 sets of 8-12 reps, using the maximum weight possible without risk of injury. I complete 4-5 movements per body part and train 1-2 body parts per day.


Won the 2016 NPC Bodybuilding Comp
Competed in the 2016 Mr. USA Bodybuilding Show
Worked for Coca Cola’s Master Data Management team


Compete at Mr. Olympia
Graduate School
Hike Through Greece


Call of Duty
Tony Robbins
Holistic Medicines from Asia

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