My Formulas

Clarity Formula

I take Clarity when I need to quiet my monkey brain. It settles my mind, allows me to focus on one thing at a time. If I have important meetings or when S#!t needs to get completed, it’s a Clarity day.

Creativity Formula

Before workouts I’m using Creativity. I feel a boost of energy, sharpness and it allows me to just keep going.

Best Investment

The people helping to build my company. Bringing in an elite graphic designer, web developer and personal assistant have totally changed the game for me.


“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” “One rep at a time”

Cheat Meals

I take cheat meals VERY seriously. You’ll catch me at a Mexican restaurant with a table full of churros, chips and queso dip, guacamole and chicken enchiladas.


Top ranked high school news anchor
Launched first company while still in college
Grew Instagram community 7x in one year
Earned personal training certifications in under 30 days


Launch a Podcast
Graduate School
Beach time


Video Production
Tarot Card Reading

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