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There are 98 studies on Noopept and counting.

Noopept is also known as N-[1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl]glycine Ethyl Ester


  • Neuroprotection
  • Stress Relief
  • Reasoning
  • Memory
  • Focus

Noopept is also known as N-[1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl]glycine Ethyl Ester


We are obsessed with quality control. All our ingredients are sourced from the USA and tested by independent third party labs to ensure purity. You can view the test results in our Certificate of Analysis.


Taken by astronauts during long missions, noopept can help you stay focused and feeling fresh throughout the day. Noopept is particularly known for its powerful neuroprotective effects, as a result of its stimulation of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neutrophic Factor) production. It has displayed its neuroprotective effects in a number of studies, particularly in those revolving around neurological disorders. Studies have also shown noopept to be as efficacious as piracetam in improving cognition.

Selected Community Experience

“It took a few days to get into my system but once it kicked in, Damn! It supplies a solid 8 hours of dialed in focus and a sense of urgency. People in my life are shocked. It was great when cramming for a test (which I aced). My reading comprehension is next level.” - Matt D.

“I’ve definitely noticed that I’m much more willing to connect with people, especially those I don’t know. Words are coming out better and thoughts are more complete. I’m paying more attention and being more deliberate regarding my own thoughts and feelings. The days I’m on Noopept I don’t find myself going on emotional rollercoasters.” - Stephanie S.



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